Peace. Prosperity. Purpose.

At Trinity Breakthrough Coaching, our mission is to guide individuals, businesses and organizations to achieve monumental success in life through a process of compassionate, fun, inspiring and purposeful coaching. Growing leaders in the workplace and at home is Trinity Breakthrough Coaching’s primary focus. Clients’ dreams become goals and their goals become reality. Trinity Breakthrough Coaching gives clients a compelling transformation.

Benefits of Executive, Life, and Relationship Coaching

To help you find happiness by reconnecting with your true self. When we are so busy giving to everyone else, we wear thin – and wear out. Learn to put yourself first and create the life you want.

Experience freedom and joy – by living your values and expressing yourself authentically. We want to help you make your life simpler, easier and happier – to find your joy, let go of the struggle and create a life you want and love!

The benefits you will gain from coaching include:

Coaching is an investment in you, and it will benefit your entire life.

Why people love Trinity Breakthrough Coaching

This program brought awareness to my energy levels. I consider myself a positive person and was completely surprised when the survey results showed that I was in the lowest energy level possible. I am now working to flip the script and turn the corner to a more positive energy level. I now have tools to help me focus on what is truly important and to set boundaries that allow me to spend time doing things that will help me reach my soul goal.

–Anonymous Client – 2022

Such an amazing opportunity! Perfect timing!! Thank you for the journey!! Love my coaches!!

–Anonymous Client – 2022

It has made a Positive Impact on my personal and professional Life!!!

–Anonymous Client – 2022

Executive Coaching

Some great leaders are born; others are coached. But finding the right executive coach can be daunting. You want a coach not only with a proven track record and real-world executive level experience — but also someone who’s a good personality fit. Someone you can trust.

Life Coaching

It is often said that if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there. The purpose of life coaching is to help you create a roadmap to know where you are going, why you are going there, and the result of reaching that destination.

Relationship Coaching

In order to truly maximize your relationship(s), it requires an effective level of relational intelligence. With relationship coaching, we focus on how you show up in your relationships, how you impact others, and what necessary boundaries to create along the way.

Getting Started with Trinity Breakthrough Coaching is Easy

Schedule a free discovery session to find out what coaching can do, help you figure out if coaching is for you, and if all that is great, to see if we are a good match.