About Trinity Breakthrough Coaching

Our Mission

At TBC, our mission is to guide Individual and organizational clients towards achieving monumental success through a process of compassionate, fun, inspiring and purposeful coaching. Our services and programs infuse the Principles of Adult Learning with certified coaching tactics and principles to ensure knowledge capture and implementation. We leverage our approach to maintain our primary focus to grow and develop leaders and staff in the workplace and at home. As a result, we help to build and revitalize clients and enable them to transition their dreams into goals, and their goals into reality. Because of our mission, our vision is very clear – to build cultures of comprehensive wellness, enabling all to thrive both personally and professionally.



Regardless of your past mistakes and failings, there is always hope for a tremendous and bright future.



Everyone deserves freedom from living a lie. It takes courage to be the person you truly are or the person you want to be. My focus is to help clients discover their truth and live in it.

Customer Service

I am a dedicated and hardworking coach who overachieves in providing exceptional customer service. I go above and beyond the call of duty thus inspiring my clients to share their results and refer me to their friends.


The belief exists that purposeful living, while following a solid plan, achieves a distinct blend of excellent results and fulfillment.


Committed to a collaborative, engaged coaching experience, clients who work with me will complete exercises that bring enjoyment and light-hearted pleasure.


In working with me, leaders are developed to positively influence and change not only within themselves, but also those who work and interact with them, as well as their organization as a whole.


I never take the path of least resistance but instead follow God’s direction for my life and my business.


Committed to continuous learning, opportunities for improvement abound as I consistently implement innovative ways to elevate my services.

Walking the Talk

As a necessary component of growth, it is essential for me and my clients to put into practice the tools I teach and walk the talk.

Getting Started with Trinity Breakthrough Coaching is Easy

Schedule a free discovery session to find out what coaching can do, help you figure out if coaching is for you, and if all that is great, to see if we are a good match.