About Danille Williams

Danille Williams, MBA, PCC, ELI-MP is an expert in helping professionals and other high-achievers find the missing peace, purpose and power in their lives and careers. Founder and owner of Trinity Breakthrough Coaching LLC, Danille has more than 20 years of experience as an executive and personal coach where she excels at enhancing the performance of individuals, teams and organizations.

Her background encompasses a wide range of programs and initiatives for individual development, team building, organizational design, and facilitation. Prior to starting Trinity Breakthrough Coaching, Danille’s practical approach to leadership and organizational development began with her first career of 20 years at General Motors. Danille now helps individuals and teams across a wide variety of functions and industries build the leadership and management skills required to positively impact business, career and personal performance. 

She is wonderful at getting to know her clients and often pulls them into previously uncharted territories. Her powerful intuition blended with her ability to shift perspective allows clients to successfully craft and bring their ideas to light. Danille designs coaching programs that begin with establishing a foundation for clients, clarifying personal and professional values, as well as creating a long-term vision and plan. She combines this insight, along with her clients’ natural talents and learned skills, to create a compass which they can use as a guide for their decision making.

Today, Danille offers a wide range of coaching programs and services. She offers executive, career, and life coaching, as well as seminars, workshops, conference panels, and keynote speeches.

Danille holds an MBA and Bachelor of Science in Physics. She received her Certified Professional Coach certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), which is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and one of the world’s most prestigious coaching schools. She enhanced the depth of her coaching skills by becoming an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner (ELI-MP). Furthermore, Danille is accredited by the ICF as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Danille’s background also includes being a certified 1st degree Black Belt in Shorei Goju Ryu Karate, successful Insurance and Financial Services Agent, and an Automotive System Engineer. 

Danille lives with her husband of 36 years and they have two adult sons, two beautiful daughters-in-law, and three adorable grandchildren. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling to new places, reading motivational books, checking things off her adventurous bucket list, singing, dancing and listening to music. She also volunteers at a hospice center and a homeless shelter and enjoys hanging out with friends and family. She is passionate about helping professionals create the life they really want!



Regardless of your past mistakes and failings, there is always hope for a tremendous and bright future.



Everyone deserves freedom from living a lie. It takes courage to be the person you truly are or the person you want to be. My focus is to help clients discover their truth and live in it.

Customer Service

I am a dedicated and hardworking coach who overachieves in providing exceptional customer service. I go above and beyond the call of duty thus inspiring my clients to share their results and refer me to their friends.


The belief exists that purposeful living, while following a solid plan, achieves a distinct blend of excellent results and fulfillment.


Committed to a collaborative, engaged coaching experience, clients who work with me will complete exercises that bring enjoyment and light-hearted pleasure.


In working with me, leaders are developed to positively influence and change not only within themselves, but also those who work and interact with them, as well as their organization as a whole.


I never take the path of least resistance but instead follow God’s direction for my life and my business.


Committed to continuous learning, opportunities for improvement abound as I consistently implement innovative ways to elevate my services.

Walking the Talk

As a necessary component of growth, it is essential for me and my clients to put into practice the tools I teach and walk the talk.

Why people love Trinity Breakthrough Coaching​

Danille is an incredibly gifted coach. Her holistic approach has given me the courage to transform my career, and then dig deep to transform my personal life as well. In our very first conversation, Danille gave me the confidence to make a major career and geographic move that has reignited my happiness and fulfillment on so many levels. Her ability to see the full picture, ask the right questions, and make a quick assessment is a gift. She has helped me to define and stay focused on what truly matters to me. She’s provided me with the tools and support to discover my full potential, both professionally and personally. I know my life is forever changed, and I will forever be grateful to Danille for her expertise and coaching.
Jenny C.
My experience working with Danille has been life accelerating. From our first conversation, I appreciated her honesty, probing questions and no nonsense approach. I have found the greatest benefit working with Danille to be the act of sharing my goals, no matter how big or small, having her help shape and guide those goals and to keep focused and accountable to achieving them. Whether you are looking for a personal transformation or a career accelerator, I would highly recommend working with Danille.
Keziah W.

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