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Why People Love Trinity Breakthrough Coaching

Coach Danille has been a ram in the bush, heaven-sent! She has helped me in areas that I did not know I had issues. My life was spiraling out of control and headed for destruction. Coach D helps me to stay stable, confident, consistent and genuine to myself. I have learned that my perception is my reality and I have full control over myself, my words, my thoughts and the way I channel my energy. Habitually, I was living a lie, but today, I am living my life like its Golden. Reaching out to Coach D also saved my marriage. While seeing her, my husband and I have found a new us, a better we, and a healthier home. We have grown and continue to use her practices through our journey of transformation. I frequently refer others to Coach Danille because I want everyone to feel like me – joyful, free, blessed and chosen. Coach Danille is a gem; she is chosen and gifted by God. Tanishia B
I am forever grateful for having met Danille. Her ability to get to know the real me was fascinating. However, her ability to have me get to know the real me was unbelievable. This journey is one that will never be forgotten. After getting to know myself, she helped me focus my intentions both at home and at work. My life has forever changed, for the better. I am refocusing my business goals in ways I never thought possible. Most importantly my relationships with those I love have been strengthened. For all these things, and more, I say thank you, Danille! I would highly recommend anyone work with her. She will change your life!
Nicholas C
Danille is one of those people who came into my life that I knew as God-given. She was so in tune with my actions from the beginning. She motivated me like no one else could have. She challenged me with a caring heart but also standing firm on God’s convictions, which gave me faith in her and the direction I needed to change. I needed Danille and recommend her; Don’t delay! Change is refreshing and sometimes only by talking and listening do we move our feet to be the best we can be.
Tammy C.